The worldwide explosion in popularity of Wrexham AFC is undeniable.  In the two years since Ryan and Rob took over the club (February 9, 2021), the club reported at 921.23% increase in subscribers / followers across its social media platforms.  Club merchandise is up, revenue is being taken from streaming platform.  Now there sits, a community of just over 63,000 passionate supporters is now joined with millions of interested foreigners following the club.  A new horde of supporters.

Therein, lies the source of the name:

horde (noun): : a large unorganized group of individuals : a teeming crowd or throng

And, also lies the purpose of the site – to provide a location for all fans of Wrexham to come together.  To generate, build, and propel the club forward by channeling the experience and passion of seasoned fans with the eagerness of the new ones.

Connecting horde with Wrexham’s nickname – the Red Dragons, a moniker bestowed on the team in 2001 to replace the “Robins” seemed to fit, especially when the homophobe for horde – “hoard” – also fits well with the imagery of a red dragon.

So where do we go from here?

We don’t know.  The Red Horde is the brainchild of a 45 year old Canadian lawyer who has found a new passion.  But, the goal is to collate it all here (podcasts, twitter accounts, newspapers, online magazines, content creators) to be the compendium of all things Wrexham (city, club, fans, people, and spirit).

Whether you take part through HordeBook (our Wrexham fan social networking platform) writing articles, or just clicking. The dream – to be able to power the club with an educated fan base and a couple of pounds through potential monetization and, we hope, a dedicated and curious fan base that also serves to inform the purpose of the site. The aspiration to provide funds for the academy programs (men and women) would be an amazing goal to achieve.

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The rest is up to you.  Steer the content, create your own, sign up with the site, subscribe, or just peruse the site.

The intention is to develop organically and to talk about, write about, experience what other people want to know.  The basics of the game, the nuances of the transfer windows, match-day watch parties, speculation, a couple stories of finances and rules, and the intriguing manner in which the Welsh and English enjoy the past-time – separated in a stadium from other fans yelling obscenities.   Banter.

It’s all, hopefully, on tap. With a couple of laughs and a bit of gin.

Welcome to the Red Horde.

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