Captain of EFL Championship club Sheffield United appears to be likely to leave the club as free agency approaches.

The self-described “fat lad from Sheffield” earned the ire Wrexham for his comments following Sheffield’s FA Cup fifth-round tie replay win over Wrexham on February 7, 2023.  He offered  “… the referee was helping [Wrexham] as well, I don’t think he gave me one fould all night.”  This after complaining that he wasn’t happy with Wrexham players.

The comment made him £2,500 lighter in the wallet following a fine from the Football Association.  But, more intriguingly, he vilified himself with The Red Horde.

As Hollywood script-writing goes, every good story needs a villain.  With free-agency, twitter is abuzz with a summary of what Sharp, at 37, can offer and where he could end up.  The question that begs – could League 2 become the location where he plays out the twilight of his career?

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One of the obvious destinations is Doncaster where Sharp played in parts of 4 seasons (2009-2012 and 2014) for the Rovers. Although there are a number of fans on Twitter from Attendance F.C. (Bradford City) clamoring for his service.

Not much to the rivalry between Doncaster and Wrexham.  But, the fire would certainly be stoked should he decide to settle in with a League 2 squad and it sure would make for a couple of interesting matches.  It’s already become apparent that The Red Horde does not forget transgressions against the club.

What are your thoughts – is League 2 where he settles in for the final years? And, if it is, where would you want him to go?

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