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The Red Horde is a decisively independent and clearly unofficial fan site dedicated to Wrexham AFC. The goal – to connect fans of Wrexham from across the globe and to provide the latest Wrexham AFC news, opinion, and insight on the club to the mob of worldwide fans new to football (soccer) in the United Kingdom and those at home in Norther Wales and to aggregate content from other fans.  We hope you consider this the place where fans of the club from around the word come to share. To provide an online community.  A place to learn, share, a place where fans of Wrexham can stand and be counted.

The Red Horde is your ultimate online destination for everything related to the historic town of Wrexham and its vibrant football scene and the best part – you get to add to the story.

 From the early days of the Wrexham AFC to its present-day evolution, the club’s journey has been filled with triumphs, challenges, and memorable moments that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans.  The documentary and new ownership have brought a wave of intrigue across the globe – and this is the attempt to give the masses a voice and a place to connect.

Whether you’re an ardent supporter, a curious visitor, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of football, the Red Horde offers a comprehensive and engaging experience.  Join us as we delve into the captivating stories of Wrexham – written and yet to be told and revel in the unwavering spirit of this remarkable town and its club.

The Red Horde has been online since XX, and if you are reading this at the inception stages, you know about as much as we do as to the direction of the site.  Fly by the seat of one’s pants, off-the-cuff, and come-as-it-goes are all fitting phrases.  Essentially, we hope to combine coherent discussions on issues the pundits don’t cover with anecdotes and information.  

The benefit – you have a voice in the direction of the site.  Reach out to get involved in the project via the contact us page.  Help form the content and the purpose of the Red Horde, whether that be creating an article, correcting a typo, helping with content, or just following along.

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The Red Horde is not associated or affiliated in any way with Wrexham AFC or RRMcReynolds Company LLC.   Well, other than being really big fans.  The Red Horde is not authorized to sell or distribute official Wrexham A.F.C merchandise.  Any media utilized on this site, or social-media platforms operated by the Red Horde has been permitted through consent, purchase, pursuant to policy, or with a license.  Contact us if you have a concern.